Darius Spectre (Spec)

The Specced out Thief


Class: Investigator

Strength: 9 (0)
Intelligence: 11 (0)
Wisdom: 15 (1)
Dexterity: 12 (0)
Constitution: 11 (0)
Charisma: 13 (0)

Level: 4
Wealth: Average
Age: 24

Madness: n͇ͯͯ̇ͩͧͪȏ̜̭̲͓̣̯̯̔ͭ̈ͧ̑t̤̮̻ ̭͊̀̓̍ͭa̜͍̽̇ͮ̐ͬ̈́p̙̱̮̀͒p̭̦̩̙̠͍̣ͫ̆͋͗l̖̼̱̗̬̃̐ͬ͊͂͗i̻͔͉͕̦ͫ̐ͯ̏͗c͚̅ͫ͐̏̒͂̓a̹͇͚̭̫̜b̝̖͇̫̼ͨl̗͔̮̖̬͚̓̈́ͭ̊̾̿̐ȅ̳
Hit Points: 2 /11
Expertise: 2
Armour Class: 9
Attack Bonus: +3
Saving Throws: Physical – 13, Mental – 12, Evasion – 10, Magic – 14, Luck – 11

Leading Whispers: At 1st level, the investigator is never entirely at a loss on a case. Use of this ability gives them an intuitive insight or a contact who can lead to further information about a chosen topic or person. Such insights are not necessarily clear, and contacts may require favors or be hard to reach.

Patterns of Madness: At 3rd level, the investigator can intuitively filter out red herrings and coincidence in an investigation. By focusing on a person, object or event when using this ability they can discern whether or not it has signi cant importance to their current investigation.

Background: Thief
Skills: Culture – Home (0), Culture – Criminal (0), Security (1), Stealth (2), Perception (1), Persuade (0)

- Knife (1d4 Damage, 1d6 Slaughter)
- 2xSmartphone
- Electronics Kit
- Fake ID, poor
- Emergency first aid kit
- The Ashen Skull of What’sHisFace?
- Crowbar
- Bird-Dog Claw


Darius (Spec to those that know him) was raised on the streets of Zone D, abandoned by his parents before his first memory Darius has always been a lone wolf in the struggle to keep his head above water. In the early years Darius got by stealing rations and selling them in an effort to move on from the streets and go straight; the thugs Darius had avoided all those years had other ideas.

Waking up in the gutter with all his savings taken, on the brink of death Darius was about to give up; that’s when he met Giga, a notorious yet mysterious bio-hacker. Giga’s intentions were wholly selfish, Darius – a candidate for his next experiment – just landing in his lap. Giga’s cybernetic modifications to Darius’s shattered bones and ruptured organs were working maintaining his vitality – keeping him alive, even Giga was surprised his experiment was a success. Against Giga’s protest Darius put his new found strength and agility to good use by taking back what was stolen from him.

Throughout the following few years Darius and Giga have a mutual relationship in which Darius uses his particular talents to acquire information to sate Giga’s desire to push the boundaries on Cybernetics….and ethics, and in return Giga maintains Darius’s body. Darius found another companion after meeting Giga in the form of one of Giga’s first experiments, a cyborg cat named P4, or Paw. Paw accompanies Darius almost everywhere, either following him, sitting on his shoulder or hiding in Darius’ hoodie.

Darius Spectre (Spec)

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