Class: Tough
Background: Bodyguard

Strength: 17 (1)
Dexterity: 14 (
Constitution: 15 (1)
Intelligence: 7 (-1)
Wisdom: 14 (
Charisma: 8 (0)

Level: 2

XP: 2000

Wealth: Average

Madness: 0

Hit Points: 17

Attack Bonus: +2

Expertise: 2

Armour Class: 5

Saving Throws: Physical – 11, Mental – 15, Evasion – 13, Magic – 13, Luck – 12

Ravenous For Life (automatically stabilize when reduced to zero Hit Points)
Reliable Skill (Reroll failed Class Skill check or failed attack roll.)

2 Custom Holsters (Baton and Taser)
Riot Shield
Leather Armour
3 Taser Magazines
Emergency First Aid Kit

Baton (1D8 DMG, 1D6 Slaughter)
Taser (1D8 DMG, 1D6 Slaughter, 1 shot)

Athletics: 1
Combat/Primitive: 1
Culture/Stellar: 0
Medicine: 0
Perception: 0
Security: 1
Tactics: 0


Once large scale businesses began opening shop on Stellar, a problem became manifest within weeks. With no military or police force, most of the enduring population’s skills focusing on industry and the unpredictability of the recent hordes of Earth migrants, there was a desperate need for protection for the companies that had invested in Stellar. A void Sentinel Protectorates were happy to fill. Once labs and offices had been built, Sentinel began shipping out guardians to the masses. New Flesh Bodyguards, artificial humans bred and programmed to protect everything from individuals to an entire city.

NFB117 was part of the second batch released, and the only unit ever dismissed from his post. Upon creation, his contract was taken up by an older settler that had set up quiet residence on the outer rim of the city. But what should have been a cut-and-dried contract turned ugly when the settler left NFB117 all of her belongings at her passing. As he now owned property, NFB117 technically had citizenship, and no longer fulfilled the conditions of his own contract. If he was to take on future jobs, he would have to be paid a regular wage as a human. Sentinel chose instead to let him go, writing off the loss in the hope that, without true will or work, NFB117 would decay quietly in his new home. Maybe he would have, if not for a near-death experience due to an attempted break-in a week later. The confrontation awoke something within NFB117, and so he begun to hand out his skills to whoever needed them, hoping that helping others would help him awake to a purpose of his own.

NFB117 (Nicknamed Seventeen for convenience’s sake) speaks little by nature, but attempts cordial relations with all, regardless of demeanour. He is willing to begin any endeavour in the name of earning new experiences. He is rather attached to his few belongings, the gear of his former profession and his sole outfit. The other mark of his ingrained training can be seen in the way he scans any area he is in, searching for assailants in shadows that may never exist.

Relationship with other players:

Darius: Stole the necessary materials for NFB117 to obtain proper citizenship when he was first coming to terms with his new identity.

Joshua: Briefly worked for the Colony Company’s engineering department as Security during one of their most secret black projects. Knows Joshua more by his position in the company than as an individual.


“Listen Joshua. Never forget. Just believe in yourself. Not in the Joshua that I believe in; not in the Seventeen that you believe in. Believe in the Joshua who believes in you.” – His last words, honest.


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