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Welcome to the wiki for Against the Silence!

Important info about the setting:

  • Gun ownership is illegal in Stellar
  • The history article is fairly broad, and doesn’t cover things like the Industrial Dome or New Kingsford. I will eventually write an article on it, but for your information with respect to living and what not:
    • New Kingsford is a very wealthy ‘sub urb’ of Stellar City, you can be from their but you will have to take the Affluent starting wealth.
    • The Industrial Dome is entirely factories with no habitation due to the industrial waste and exhaust which renders the area unsafe for living. All travel in the dome is via underground pathways which have their own air circulation system.
  • Cybernetics are a thing, but there is no stat boost for having them. feel free to add them to a character for flavour.
  • Genetic modification of humans is a young technology, some of the very rich invest. Again, no stat boost or anything, just character flavour

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Main Page

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