Maximillian Caulfield III (RIP in Pepperonis)

New 17


Class: Scholar
Background: Business Owner

Level: 5

XP: 4000

Hit Points: 16 (0)

Madness: 17

Attack Bonus: +2

Armour Class: 8

Saving Throws: Physical – 14, Mental – 12, Evasion – 13, Magic – 10, Luck – 11

Expertise: 4

Wealth: Average (Formally Struggling)

Strength: 8 (-1)
Intelligence: 14 (1)
Wisdom: 14 (
Dexterity: 14 (1)
Constitution: 15 (
Charisma: 14 (+1)

Business: 1
Culture/Stellar: 0
Engineering: 0
Gambling: -1
Medicine: 2
Occult: 1
Perception: -1
Profession/Agriculture: 2
Survival: 1
Research: 0
Science: 1
Stealth: 0

Skill Points: 0

Reliable Skill (Reroll failed Class Skill check or failed attack roll.)

Deep Gnosis: (Gain an automatic success at any skill check related to a
knowledge-based skill character possesses. This ability does not apply to the Occult skill or other spheres of alien or magical knowledge, and it may be used only once per day.)

Resilient Mind: The scholar can protect his or her
sanity by rationalizing a horrific truth into some intellectual model.
When gaining Madness from a Horror source, the scholar can trigger
this gift to negate the Madness gain. Only one use of this gift is
possible per day, but it may be used after the Madness is rolled.

Knife (1d4 damage, 1d6 Slaughter)
Big knife (1d8, 1d6 slaughter)
Rope, 20 meters
6 Rations
Wilderness Kit
2 Water Bladders
Signet Ring


The third generation successor to Caulfield farms, Max’s downfall was guaranteed from birth. His father had travelled to Mars for the new market, but the old ways that had served them on Earth failed to generate profits in the Martian markets, and while Max’s father had passed down the thirty years of business experience to his name, it was too little to late to keep the company afloat. Maximillian cut his losses, sold everything he could and took to the city. His luck didn’t improve much when he gambled on the stock markets, leaving him penniless and homeless. Now he wanders Stellar, trying to start the empire he was promised.

Max used to be found around the Stellar Landing spaceport since the plague outbreak in Residential Zone A, conning immigrates and tourists with slight of hand tricks. Since Troy took a shine to his crazy ways however, he’s now shot up in the world, living in one of his seven opulent mansions in exchange for helping him grow new strains of weed. Now all Max needs is loads of money so he can buy his own opulent mansion and maybe buy back his farm. Working for Troy’s a pretty good start, even if working for a drug dealer isn’t exactly what Max’s father would have wanted him doing.

Max knows that Spec died long ago, and that there was no chance the group could ever come together again. His death was a necessary kindness, aided by Troy’s madcap spite. It is the first of many kindnesses. The Crystal Skull must be destroyed, along with everything it has tainted, if Mars is to be safe again.

Zealotry is a double-edged sword, be sure not to cut yourself in the pursuit of justice.

Maximillian Caulfield III (RIP in Pepperonis)

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