Mythos Overview

Key themes

  • Gnosticism
    • Knowledge is a great tool for both protectors and those acting against humanities interests
    • To the point where knowledge itself has the ability to warp reality
    • Magic will play a part, some magic allowance for PCs
  • Madness
    • need to be careful with it
    • cultists worship gods in an attempt to stay sane
  • Violence
    • sometimes, players will have to resort to braun.
    • Only particularly helpful against human foes
  • Malevelonce
    • The gods torment sentient mortals as entertainment

9 major gods
5 in a pantheon, 4 loners
Pantheon is Indifferent to its worshippers, however the worshippers do have the ability to increase the power of those in it.

Pantheon is actually 5 different aspects of one crippled god. Some followers wish to return this god to his former self. Others may be seek to separate an aspect into a god of its own (whether on purpose of by not understanding the gods nature).

main god/pantheon: Ag’Xeilghr: The Sagacious king of silence

  • Ag’Iasalig Nycza: The viridian Conciever of worlds and the howling dark
    • Seeks to destroy in order to rebuild
    • start fresh
    • Wants to destroy ‘literally’ everything, including in effect, itself (although believes it will be reborn as the king of silence in the process)
  • Ag’Hoyadmu: The Ashen Reviler of Whispers
    • Toys with the memories and knowledge of sentient creatures
    • Uses this to for its own enjoyment
  • Ag’Ev Oz’Ueo-Abwi: The fourfold diviner of truths
    • reveals information to its followers in exchange for some of their sanity
    • The sanity taken is somehow used to better bind the Aspects of Ag’Xeilghr
  • Ag’Yzzu-Vi, The Arms of Radiant Hunger
    • Seeks out those who would diminish the power of Ag’Xeilghr, theirs lives are taken in sacrifice to the King of Silence
  • Ag’Xho-Nagndop
    • The Dawn of Deaths Devouring
    • Gains power through worship, promises followers immortality
    • sort of works, when a follower dies it takes their body as a puppet
    • Seeks power of its own separate of Ag’Xeilghr (or return to that form) via consumption of the other gods

Loner gods:

  • Feaster Vor-Yg
    • Seeks only to consume
    • Hunger, thirst and vermin
    • The Undying Hunger
  • Luthlogilc’Ttel
    • A dead god from aeons past.
    • Its voice still echoes in the minds of those who seek power
    • temptation
    • Can it be revived?
    • Serpents and Swamps
    • The Wailing Mother of the Swamp
  • Thothyaishtru Horayltloqlhoshfa
    • Not yet fully born
    • As it gains power, its followers exhibit more supernatural abilities
    • Portfolio: The Seer of Dreams, Revealer of Dark Secrets
    • Spawned from the destruction of Ag’Xeilghr, is now separate from the pantheon

Mythos Overview

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